About Us


"The Culture Rooms" is a visionary organization dedicated to nurturing artists who embrace imaginative and unconventional themes in their work. This project serves as a creative hub, inspiring artists to reimagine and repurpose spaces while exploring the intricate relationships between community, design, ethics, and intersectional futurism. Simultaneously, it acts as a springboard and incubator for Black creatives, tapping into the multiplicity and value of Black culture today and our aspirations for tomorrow. This dual mission underscores their commitment to fostering innovative artistic expressions while celebrating the richness, fractals and multiplicity of Black culture and its future.

The Ask

This is going to be expensive, but we will lose way more if it never happens. This work is imperative. The history, stories and creativity of Black Culture must be told in dynamic ways, by Black artists, with multiplicity, dignity and inclusion. We are going to make it happen. We ask that you dig deep and cough up some coinage so that we can make this happen. Consider making a contribution. The money will go towards paying artists, fabrications, permits and space.  

Thanks to our non profit partner Fokus.org all donations of $100 and up will be tax deductible.

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